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We see a partnership between the University of Tampa and the SafeWave™ project ( and to be mutually beneficial and rewarding on many levels. Read More!

Tom Garrett
Assistant Professor, University of Tampa
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Internet Safety In The Media
PBS Series- The Emotional Life Family, Friends & Lovers- Episode 1 PDF Print E-mail

In this episode, we meet a young boy adopted from a Russian orphanage, whose story illustrates how a lack of attachment in infancy fundamentally shapes his ability to build relationships for years to come. We meet the young parents of newborn twins, a couple in therapy for a troubled marriage, a teenager ( Jeffrey Johnston) who was bullied with tragic consequences, two women grappling with the stress of workplace conflicts and other characters. Through their stories we achieve a better understanding of the importance of social connections and relationships.

Click here to view the PBS: Family, Friends & Lovers- Episode 1
Fox News Boston report on Virtual Worlds PDF Print E-mail

Kids Come First is dedicated to informing the general public of the various safety precautions they may use while surfing the Internet. Protecting our children from the dangers they may face while online is our primary mission. Working in conjunction with Law Enforcement we have made great strides in bring awareness and safety information to children and parents alike.

Dr. Phil Confronts Cyber Bullying Head-On PDF Print E-mail

On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, Dr. Phil confronts cyberbullying head on.

Bullies love an audience, and there’s no bigger playground than the World Wide Web. Cyber bullies create vulgar MySpace posts to taunt others, or send harassing text messages and threatening e-mails. Dr. Phil tackles this topic head on with his son, Jay, whose new book, Jay McGraw’s Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies, offers action-oriented plans. Jay recently sat down with a group of teens to get their perspective on cyber bullying -- and they didn’t hold back! Learn what concerns the students the most. Then, is your child capable of intimidating other kids? Jay gives the warning signs of a bullied child and the Dos and Don’ts of reacting to a bully. Plus, meet a teen who fears his future may be ruined after a fake MySpace page was created in his name, and a mother who says her 15-year-old son was bullied to death.

ABC News: Florida Law Makers Pass A Bill, Spurred By One Mother's Loss PDF Print E-mail

As featured by ABC News, the nation's toughest anti-bullying proposed bill is now law thanks to the mission of a mother's loss.

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