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We joined to help our students overcome the threats of the internet, particularly cyber bullying which is disruptive to their education. We like the security and wholesome content the Network provides and encourage other schools to offer iLAND5 to their student body.

Alan Rosier
Wakulla County School Board
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My Stories
Andrew, 17, says his MySpace page was sabotaged... PDF Print E-mail

Andrew, 17, says his MySpace page was sabotaged by someone who pretended to be him. The teen says his profile now contains sexually explicit imagery that he fears could damage his professional future.

Tennessee student reaches out to SafeWave CEO for help with Myspace imposter profile page!

October 28th 2008 Dr Phil show discusses Cyberbullying and Myspace imposter profile pages. How the misuse of the internet affects a students life today and their opportunities of tomorrow.

Beware: Imposters Create MySpace Pages Of Your Child! PDF Print E-mail

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