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We see a partnership between the University of Tampa and the SafeWave™ project ( and to be mutually beneficial and rewarding on many levels. Read More!

Tom Garrett
Assistant Professor, University of Tampa
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About Us
Development & Operations Team

The Development and Operations Team was assembled out of necessity driven by Deborah and Steven Schechner, the founders. They recruited individuals from a variety of disciplines to address one compelling issue: how do we keep our children safer on the internet? Each team member brings a unique perspective and skill set to the task: create an internet environment free of predators and exciting for kids. This group of parents, business owners, educators, web designers, programmers and mental health providers is committed to delivering a secure and enriching web experience.

Operations Team

CEO Education Director
VP Web Development
Steven Schechner Randy Stafford
Jeremy Schechner
President IT & Security Director
Community Outreach Director
Wendy Schechner
Deborah Schechner Jeff Orloff  
School & PTA Liaison's Manager
Caroline Carter    


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Safewave Overview PDF Print E-mail
SafeWave™: Trusted Internet Safety

SafeWave™ was created in response to a serious and growing problem: children being harassed, bullied, propositioned and exploited while using the Internet. In mid 2007, SafeWave™ began the development of a FREE safer, enriching Internet experience for children age 5 through 18. The mission core of SafeWave is iLAND5 -- a secure, parent-trusted online network that brings a brand new level of security, identity and enrichment to online social networking.

SafeWave™ is rooted in community involvement and free use. Community includes parents, teachers, family members, school administrators, law enforcement and others who share and support our mission.

SafeWave Initiative PDF Print E-mail Inc.- A Non- Profit Florida Corporation

Are you tired of seeing countless stories where children were harassed, bullied, propositioned, and exploited while using social aspects of  the Internet, In January of 2007 our founder’s wife turned to her husband ( grandfather and businessman which includes a web development company) and asked a simple question, “How can we do something about children's safety who are drawn to on My Space, FaceBook & You Tube?”

Mission Statement PDF Print E-mail

" is a charitable organization dedicated to champion new concepts that provide for the health, safety, welfare and education of children. The organization’s goals are to enrich and broaden the quality of educational experiences for children, expand post secondary opportunities and nurture a positive safe social development into maturity."

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