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We see a partnership between the University of Tampa and the SafeWave™ project ( and to be mutually beneficial and rewarding on many levels. Read More!

Tom Garrett
Assistant Professor, University of Tampa
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Maintaining Safer Schools Features SafeWave and PDF Print E-mail
Maintaining Safe Schools Features SafeWave™ and
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November, 2008: Free, closed K-12 Internet Network Can Ease Safety Concerns - Many parents are at odds with administrators over students using the Internet at school. Parents fear students could be exposed to harrassment, inappropriate material or sexual predators. Officials may be nervous about potential legal liability from online dangers. However, teachers increasingly need students to use the Internet for tests, research assignments and classroom team projects...

School Administrator Information PDF Print E-mail
What School Administrators need to know about SafeWave’s

As a school-based administrator, you are inundated with reports about products to review that claim to help you, your staff, and most importantly your students in a variety of ways. Most of those products cost you money and fail to deliver on their promises.

iLAND5™ is different! The NEXUS of online safety between home and school. is organized as a Non Profit company and offers a free product, We look to sponsor advertisers, partners and Grants to support our operations.

Student's bringing in a signed iLAND5 Contract? PDF Print E-mail
What To Do When Your School Receives an iLAND5™ PARENT(or guardian)/STUDENT Contract

Dear School Representative,

If you are reading this letter, you are being asked by a parent to verify their child’s age and identity for registration on the Free iLAND5™ network. This letter should be accompanied by a contract from iLAND5™ that has been signed by both the parent and the student. The intent of the contract is make the parent and student aware there are some rules of behavior and it acts as a parent permission slip to provide us their child's verification information

Tech Coordinators/ Media Specialists/Librarians PDF Print E-mail

The Safety of students while using the Internet is a primary focus of most school districts, specifically technical coordinators or media specialists, teachers, administrators, and parents. No one wants a child they know to be exposed to inappropriate content. Unfortunately, many of our current protections against these dangers require us to either scale back or remove access altogether of some of the best tools and resources the Internet has to offer.

Teacher Information PDF Print E-mail
Classroom Safety on the Internet

The Internet presents a wealth of information to you and your students, computers in classrooms and in the computer lab are now part of the curriculum. Don’t you find yourself keeping watch over a student or groups of students ensuring web sites are appropriate for both content and grade. Many of us have experienced a seemingly innocent web site turn into something entirely different in the classroom requiring us to oftentimes “police” computer activity rather than teaching.

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