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A great site is the SafeWave site that is designed for children and is set up for children to interact without predator and peer abuse problems and keeps children safe. The most important thing is keeping children safe when using the internet.

Elizabeth Bennett
Author and Internet Safety Advocate
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Law Enforcement
Dr. Rande W. Matteson - Supporter & Strategic Partner PDF Print E-mail

Dr. Rande W. Matteson, a parent, Co-President of the Florida Chapter of the national advocacy group, The Bully Police, is a retired career law enforcement officer having served for 32 years in local, state and federal law enforcement investigative agencies. He has an earned doctorate in Corporate Leadership and completed a pioneering and published research study on workplace bullying.

During his career, he served in numerous domestic and foreign field offices and Headquarters and the FBI-DEA Training Academy in its Leadership Unit at Quantico, VA. His assignments included field and supervisory, foreign and domestic, overt and covert special assignments and in command-leadership positions. He has professional experience in dealing with all aspects of abusive power-based relationships, gangs, and other criminals that are bullies. Organized crime, terrorism and gangs all function because of bully behavior.

One of the nation’s most notorious serial killers was considered a bully. Dr. Matteson spent a considerable amount of time interviewing convicted Florida serial killer Gerald Eugene Stano. Stano confessed to stalking, abusing and brutally murdering over 40 women. Stano was convicted and executed, but the interviews provided a lot of background information on abuse and bullying, which Rande now uses to help others.

As an academic researcher and Department chair and college professor at Saint Leo University, Dr. Matteson’s published research focuses on the psychological traits of leadership, bullying and dysfunctional relationships. He frequently lectures and publishes articles on abusive and bullying behavior.

Law Enforcement Affiliation PDF Print E-mail

To foster a collaboration of support and interaction between SafeWave™ and Law Enforcement Agencies to solve child cyber crime.


To jointly identify through various forms of community outreach that proactive Public solutions to child cyber crime currently available are the use of by children, education about internet safety, parent involvement and awareness of cyber crime.

Law Officers, Agents and Agencies PDF Print E-mail
Not One More Online Predator!

The SafeWave™ Project offers the FIRST safe and secure alternative to predator ridden open registration social networking sites. We take security seriously which is why the SafeWave web development team must pass Level II background screening to work on this critical social project.

Why is it Secure?
  • iLAND5™ users are school verified students
  • Network collaboration is between Approved Friends
  • There are NO extended relationships
  • Personal information is NOT displayed
  • 18 year olds CANNOT communicate with 13 year olds*
  • iLAND5™ Monitors uploads and communications**
State List of Offender Registries PDF Print E-mail
Code Amber Sex Offender Registries by State

Please read each front page very carefully before clicking "I AGREE", access may be restricted and/or monitored. Not all states have a state wide regisrty, thus you must search by name,city, or county. Some states have an email ALERT System to sign up for so you are notified if a registered offender moves close to an address you are concerned about. If you have difficulty searching you may want to contact your local law inforcement agency.


Alabama Department of Public Safety - Bureau of Investigation - Sex Offenders Search
Alabama's Community Notification Act (Megan's Law) was passed into law by the Alabama legislature in 1996. Since passage, the Act has been revised to the point that it is one the strongest in the nation with respect to convicted sex offenders [Title 15, Chapter 20]. Web Site
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender Registration Central Registry
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender InfoCenter
Crime Information Center
State Department of Justice - Office of the Attorney General [This is not a searchable directory!]
Bureau of Investigation - Convicted Sex Offender Site
Department of Public Safety - Division of State Police - Sex Offender Registry
State Police State - Bureau of Identification - Sex Offender Central Registry
Department of Law Enforcement - Sexual Predator/Offender Registry
Bureau of Investigation - Sex Offender Registry Search Page
The Hawaii Supreme Court struck down Hawaii's sex offender registration law as unconstitutional on November 21, 2001. As a result the online registry was removed.
State Police - Criminal Identification
State Police - Sex Offender Information SOR Web Site
Criminal Justice Institute - Sex and Violent Offender Directory
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender Registry
Bureau of Investigation Registered Offender Search
State Police - Sex Offender Registration Database
State Police - Sex Offender/Child Predator Search
State Police - Sex Offender Registry Search
Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services - Sex Offender Registry
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Sex Offender Registry Board [This is not a searchable directory!]
State Police - Public Sex Offender Registry (PSOR) Inquiry
Department of Corrections Level 3 Predatory Offender Search
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender Registry
City and County Registries
Division of Criminal Investigation - Montana Department of Justice
State Patrol - Sex Offender Registry
State of Nevada Sexual Offenders Search Page
State Police - Registered Offenders Against Children
State police - Sex Offender Internet Registry
Department of Public Safety - Sex Offender Information Page
Division of Criminal Justice Services - Sex Offender Subdirectory Search Login
State Bureau of Investigation - Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry
Office of Attorney General - Sex Offender Website
Department of Rehabilitation and Correction
Department of Corrections - Offender Information
City and County Registries
State Police - Sexually Violent Predator Listing
Law Enforcement Division - Sex Offenders
Division of Criminal Investigation
Bureau of Investigation - Sexual Offender Registry
Department of Public Safety - Crime Records Service
Department of Corrections - Official Sex Offender Registry
Crime Information Center - Sex Offender Registry
State Police - Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry
Metropolitan Police Department - Sex Offender Registry
State Sex Offender Information Center
State Police - Sex Offender Registry
Department of Corrections - Sex Offender Registry
Division of Criminal Investigation - Sex Offender Registration