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I support SafeWave™ and their program supporting safety for children online.

Jim Frishe
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Parents Information
Maintaining Safer Schools Features SafeWave and PDF Print E-mail
Maintaining Safe Schools Features SafeWave™ and
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November, 2008: Free, closed K-12 Internet Network Can Ease Safety Concerns - Many parents are at odds with administrators over students using the Internet at school. Parents fear students could be exposed to harrassment, inappropriate material or sexual predators. Officials may be nervous about potential legal liability from online dangers. However, teachers increasingly need students to use the Internet for tests, research assignments and classroom team projects...

The FREE Answer to Internet Safety for Your Children PDF Print E-mail
Your child on the internet - The Safest Solution

Allowing children to visit the Internet opens up a whole new world of learning and experiences. As children, we did not have the opportunity to virtually visit the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, Polar Ice Caps, and check our homework assignment all in one afternoon. Thanks to the Internet our children have the ability to do this, and a whole lot more. Education and the workplace continue to utilize computers and web sites for collaboration, communication, and information; our children’s success both in school and in many careers may depend on their ability to navigate their way around computers and the Internet.

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Homeschooling Parents- How to Get Started PDF Print E-mail
A Must Read for Parents of Homeschoolers
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Dear Home School Parent,


Popular Acronyms PDF Print E-mail

Acronyms are abbreviations formed by initials.  New acronyms have invaded the internet, scurrying across our computer screens in nano seconds. Many of us know FYI means for your information and RSVP  (French: Répondez S'il Vous Plaît) means to respond to the invitation.  But do you know what BWK is or IOH  or YAA?

Chances are your kids do. Check out our list to find out the meaning of these and other acronyms.

Here are a few popular Acronyms:

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