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A great site is the SafeWave site that is designed for children and is set up for children to interact without predator and peer abuse problems and keeps children safe. The most important thing is keeping children safe when using the internet.

Elizabeth Bennett
Author and Internet Safety Advocate
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Law Enforcement Officials
What is SafeWave and how is iLand5 associated to SafeWave? PDF Print E-mail is a Non Profit Florida company that developed iLAND5. Its mission is to “Provide a free, safe, and secure collaborative network for students protecting them from inappropriate or harmful influences.” You may visit to find information for parents, teachers, and law enforcement personnel. Visit and find a FREE, SAFE, SECURE, age appropriate network for children that includes educational games and activities.

Is any personal information publicly displayed on the iLAND5 website? PDF Print E-mail

Personal information is limited to the users Profile page. Only members of the accessible iLAND communities are able to access this page. iLANDer's communication is isolated exclusively to that iLAND and one neighboring iLAND that is older and younger. However iLAND #5 the oldest age group of 16 -18 yr olds can only communicate amongst themselves.

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