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I support SafeWave™ and their program supporting safety for children online.

Jim Frishe
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Educators & Administrators
What is SafeWave and how is iLand5 associated to SafeWave? PDF Print E-mail is a Non Profit Florida company that developed iLAND5. Its mission is to “Provide a free, safe, and secure collaborative network for students protecting them from inappropriate or harmful influences.” You may visit to find information for parents, teachers, and law enforcement personnel. Visit and find a FREE, SAFE, SECURE, age appropriate network for children that includes educational games and activities.

Is there any educational benefit to iLANDS? PDF Print E-mail

Yes. All games and activities have direct or indirect educational values. is dedicated to the ongoing development of educationally relevant activities. We encourage teachers and schools to send ideas for further development of the site.

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