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We joined to help our students overcome the threats of the internet, particularly cyber bullying which is disruptive to their education. We like the security and wholesome content the Network provides and encourage other schools to offer iLAND5 to their student body.

Alan Rosier
Wakulla County School Board
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Reading Comprehension
Harold and the Purple Crayon-The Giant Garden Adapted by Valerie Garfield PDF Print E-mail
  1. Why couldn’t Harold sleep?
    1. He was reading a book.
    2. He was watching the ladybug on the windowsill.
    3. He was playing with his toys.
Amelia Bedelia By Peggy Parish PDF Print E-mail
  1. What did Amelia do when the list said “Change the towels”?
    1. She put them in the laundry.
    2. She folded them.
    3. She changed them by cutting them up.
Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton PDF Print E-mail
  1. What is one way you can you tell that Splat is nervous about the first day of school?
    1. He is hiding under the covers.
    2. He put on his best school clothes.
    3. He forgot his lunchbox.
Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems PDF Print E-mail
  1. What is Trixie’s BIGGEST problem?
    1. She left Knuffle Bunny at the laundromat.
    2. She is lost and cannot find her family.
    3. She doesn’t like going to the laudromat.
Diary of a Worm By Doreen Cronin PDF Print E-mail
  1. Worm tried to teach spider to dig. Which is NOT a problem that spider had when he tried to dig?
    1. Spider twisted his ankles.
    2. Spider swallowed dirt.
    3. Spider was upside down.
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