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i2 Reading Comprehension
Game Day By Tiki and Ronde Barber PDF Print E-mail
  1. How was Ronde feeling after the game in the beginning of the book? Why?
    1. Happy because he made a touchdown.
    2. Happy because he didn’t want anyone to notice him
    3. Sad because no one noticed his blocking, they just paid attention to Tiki.
Two Bad Ants By Chris Van Arsdale PDF Print E-mail
  1. What remarkable discovery did the scout ant make at the beginning of this story?
    1. He discovered a crystal.
    2. He found a new way into the tunnel.
    3. He discovered a new colony of ants.
Play Ball by Jorge Posada PDF Print E-mail
  1. What happened when Jorge first started batting left handed?
    1. It was difficult and he got frustrated because he couldn’t hit the ball.
    2. He loved it because it was so easy and he was able to hit a home run right away.
    3. He hated it because he got hit by the ball.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs By Judi Barrett PDF Print E-mail
  1. How was Chewandswallow DIFFERENT from other towns?
    1. Chewandswallow had crazy food weather, other towns don’t.
    2. Only people in Chewandswallow can eat pancakes for breakfast.
    3. Chewandswallow was more normal than other towns.
The Mitten-A Ukranian Folktale Adapted & Illustrated by Jan Brett PDF Print E-mail
  1. Why didn’t Grandma want to knit Nicki white mittens?
    1. White mittens blend in with the snow.
    2. She didn’t know how to knit.
    3. She only likes orange mittens.
The Five Chinese Brothers An Old Chinese Tale By: Claire Huchet Bishop and Kurt Wiese PDF Print E-mail
  1. Why couldn’t people tell the brothers apart?
    1. They all sounded exactly alike.
    2. They all looked exactly alike.
    3. They all had exactly the same skills.
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