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Assistant Professor, University of Tampa
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An important component in protecting your child is your education on internet safety. We have compiled many of the premiere internet sites, tools and products that in combination with will keep your children safe on the internet.

Please use these references, they are invaluable and most are free.

Use our Links of Interest to send us sites you also believe will be of benefit to our community.
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Private Industry
Contains information about the dangers of children using the internet. Rules, advice, and tips relating to child security and the web.
Safe games for kids...Internet safe games for kids that test your skills and knowledge.
Offers products to teach kids how to be safe on the streets. is your resource on how to protect your children from online preditors, sexual inticements, illegal activity.
Welcome to my vision of what's wonderful and educational on the Web for kids. While you are here, I encourage you to browse the kids sites, free kids games, subscribe to my free website reviews newsletter, and take advantage of a free trial membership in the Surfnetkids Printables Club. . . . Barbara J. Feldman.

Non-Profits &
The NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive educational safety resource from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children that creates age-appropriate activities to help teach children how to be safer while online and in the real world. NetSmartz offers free, multimedia Internet safety presentations you can use in your schools or with your children. Our innovative presentations utilize the latest statistics, online resources, videos, and expert tips to educate, engage, and empower children and adults. — the world's largest Internet safety and help group. WiredSafety provides help, information and education to Internet and mobile device users of all ages. We help victims of cyberabuse ranging from online fraud, cyberstalking and child safety, to hacking and malicious code attacks. We also help parents with issues, such as MySpace and cyberbullying.
The leader in e-Safety Education, i-SAFE provides Internet safety information and knowledge to students, parents, and everyone in the community in a variety of ways.
Quick Search. Select a State (USA only). Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida ...
Protection on the internet... protecting our kids

Internet Content Filtering Information | Texas ISP Association
Where to Start: Parental Guides, Online Safety Handbooks, and Positive Examples
Reviews of Blocking Software
Where to Get Filtering Software: Makers of Blocking Software
Evaluating Quality On The Net
Legal Requirements of Texas ISPs: Your Legislature At Work

Any Weblock
Any Weblock enables you to block access to specific web sites. Just enter the domain name of the site to block, apply the changes, and the user will no longer be able to access the site. There is no block message displayed, the simply appears to be unavailable. The interface can be password protected, but since the program uses the Windows HOSTS file to redirect blocked sites, it can be easily bypassed by a tech savvy user. Freeware.
The web's most visited site about children's health. Includes articles, animations, games, and health resources for parents, teens, and children.
One of the oldest and most respected online safety education programs in the world, your 411 for Internet safety since 1995.
ASACP provides an online hotline for web surfers and webmasters to report ... laws and regulations pertaining to child pornography and child protection.

Family Online Safety Institute
ICRA (formerly the Internet Content Rating Association) is part of the Family Online Safety Institute, an international, non-profit organization of internet leaders working to develop a safer internet.

National Institute on Media and the Family
Building healthy families through the wise use of media.
A Watch-dog Organization - Advocating for Bullied Children & Reporting on State Anti Bullying Laws.

A comprehensive curriculum which teaches prevention of sexual, emotional and physical abuse by people known to the child; prevention of abuse and abduction.

Consumer Product Safety Commission
Especially For Kids ... link to · link to · link to, the U.S. government's official web portal.

American Library Association | CIPA
American Library Association - Children's Internet Protection Act



K9 Web
Blue Coat’s K9 Web Protection is free Internet and parental controls filtering software for the home that enables parents to protect families.

CyberPatrol lets you filter and block web sites, monitor Internet use, and protect against inappropriate activity. CyberPatrol provides the tools.
Internet monitoring software that will record everything your child is doing for their internet safety.

Internet Filter Software Review 2008
Reviews and comparisons of internet filter software gives you the ability to control content displayed, block websites and set up passwords.
PC Magazine Editors' Choice: Spector Pro with content filtering technology.
Monitor and control your child's computer and internet usage. Keep children safe online with parental control software.
Solid Oak Software publishes CYBERsitter and CYBERsitter AntiSpam -Windows programs to keep kids from accessing objectionable and dangerous material.


KidRocket is a free web browser for kids to safely surf the net. Protect your kids from the internet and your computer from the kids!™
Kids see only safe websites, photos & videos - teacher and parent reviewed.
Children's Educational Network Presents The Miss America Browser For Kids. In Partnership With Miss America's Lauren Nelson, Children's Educational Network.
My Kids Browser is a kid-safe internet browser, internet filter for children, free download, award winning childrens browser, safe and secure for kids to safely surf the net.
Like the widely used Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator browsers, a browser designed for kids serves as a gateway between your computer and the internet. It translates information sent through the internet from computer code to the words and images that appear on your screen. Browsers for kids generally filter sexual or otherwise inappropriate words or images. They are also designed to be easier for kids to use.

Blocks access to the website. SaferSpace is a simple but effective program that allows parents to block access to the website. It runs as a service and can optionally log all blocked access attempts to a file. The user will be notified with a dialog box whenever a MySpace window is blocked. You can choose to block MySpace for all users of your computer or just for selected users accounts.


Bumper Car
BumperCar 2.0: The Mac OS X web browser just for kids. Offering unparalleled content-control and customization features, BumperCar is the most powerful Mac web browser for concerned educators and parents alike.

KidSplorer web browser is designed specifically for children to safely browse the internet. KidSplorer is a safer alternative to Internet Explorer web browser. KidSplorer maintains a database of approved KidSafe sites that your child can access. Your child can only visit sites that are listed in the KidSafe database, all other sites are automatically blocked.

AT kids Browser
Protects young web surfers from unsuitable web content while making Internet browsing a fun experience. It has built in filters for inappropriate language, and has some really interesting features. AT Kids Browser is a multimedia web browser that was created with kids in mind. The browser opens up at the Mice's home, select which room you would like to enter and browse the preselected sites and games. Need help with homework? Help is just a click away. Want to play? Lots of fun located right in the Mice's house.

The ChildSafe School is a program designed to reduce three environmental exposures common to schools: diesel exhaust from school buses, chemicals in cleaning products, and pesticides used on playing fields.
Child safety products and information for around the home.
Growing & Going Books: How Safe and Healthy is Your Child?

Also has a listing of Federal Web Sites for Kids. Animals ... Drinking Water & Ground Water Kids' Stuff (Environmental Protection Agency); Fish and Wildlife. Internet Safety Game
Iggey and Raser's Internet Safety Game. KidsCom Jr.™: a safe, educational and entertaining electronic playground for kids 3 to 7. Safety Games
Safe games for kids...Internet safe games for kids that test your skills and knowledge -
SAFE Cartoons for Kids. CLEAN Cartoons for Kids. Cartoons for School. Cartoons for Everybody.