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SafeWave is the best! Finally, a website that makes me feel confident that my child is safe while surfing the internet. Read More!

Bronwynn Crutchfield
Speech Language Pathologist
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Webinars PDF Print E-mail Presents: “Creating iLANDS of Safety For Kids Online”

Join this free webinar on Thursday, September 25th, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST*

Thousands of children a year are victims of cyber-bullying and online predators at pandemic levels. Thousands more are exposed daily to inappropriate and unwelcomed content. By age 14, 77% of children have been contacted by a predator. Only 25% of those children tell their parents. Until now, care givers had two choices: completely deny their children’s access to the internet, or purchase filtering systems and hope they work. A true solution is needed. The internet is crucial to our children’s future success so we must protect them while online.

In this free online conference (“Webinar”), participants will experience first hand what makes a true solution to keeping children ages 5-18 safe on the internet to do all the things they need and enjoy. This is not just filtering software, or a program of pre-selected choices. is the only free, complete website of 5 age appropriate iLANDS accessed solely through a school’s verification of identity. Predators cannot pose as children on Once on an age appropriate iLAND, children can’t access inappropriate material. They are safe on their iLAND, free to play, explore, learn and interact with other children their age worldwide.

Webinar Participants Will:

  • Learn how to protect their children from predators online
  • Stop cyber-bullies
  • Prevent inappropriate material from reaching children online
  • Give children access to the benefits of the internet and eliminate the unsavory side

Webinar participants will explore, the first and only free and secure internet solution for children.

Guest speaker Debbie Johnston, internet safety advocate and initiator of “Jeff’s Law” in Florida, will explain through personal experience how cyber-bullies operate, a school’s legal responsibility to protect students, and what parents can do to protect their children. This webinar is a must for parents, educators, law enforcement, elected officials, government agencies, PTAs, and business. Webinar participants will be given the opportunity to register for free, giving their children access to

To Participate simply click on the “REGISTER" link below and email us to reserve your space, which is limited so please register today! has scheduled a 30 minute presentation followed by a live question and answer session. Instructions to join this free webinar will be emailed prior to September 25th to those who RSVP. To view a brief video of the concept, please visit and click the “Watch Video” link on top of the page. No special equipment or software is needed for this webinar other than your computer and speakers. During the webinar, you may be prompted by your computer to download the lastest version of Adobe Flash Player.

REGISTER for this free webinar.

SUBMIT A QUESTION to the speakers to address during the webinar.

EMAIL: webinar host.

* Future rebroadcasts with live question and answer sessions will be scheduled. Exact dates and times of the rebroadcasts with live Q&A are to be determined and will be posted here. This webinar will also be available for viewing anytime at for one year.

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