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Paula Sanders Morris
President, UCAA
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Cyber Bullying Curriculum for Grades 6-12

by Susan P. Limber, Ph.D.

Cyber bullying is a particularly insidious, powerful, and devastating form of bullying. Although cyber bullying happens outside school, it affects what happens in school, contributing to poor school performance, depression, and even suicide. However, schools and students have found ways to resist and intervene in cyber bullying. This program can help your students protect themselves and their friends 24/7.

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Bullying at School

by Dan Olweus, Ph.D.

This highly acclaimed book examines the history, prevalence, and problem of school bullying and describes the Olweus intervention and prevention approach.

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Bully Beware!

by Dr. Rande Matteson

Dr. Matteson provides a very clear look at bullying, what it is, what kind of person does it, where it might occur – and what to do if it happens to you, your child or someone you care about. You are not helpless and without recourse! There are laws in many states, and even “hate crime” laws can assist you in putting a stop to it.

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Bullycide In America

by Brenda High

This is not a book about blame or guilt, although it may certainly spark that kind of discussion. This is not a book about getting even or setting the record straight, although it may do that as well. And, this is not a book for clinicians, although it will offer some scientific data and educational resources.

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by Russell A. Sabella, Ph.D.

From podcasts to porn, cyberbullying to cell phones, Dr. Russell Sabella helps readers understand the risks that emerge when high-tech tools, uninformed parents, and exuberant youth collide. Because kids are growing up with modern technologies, many are more expert than their parents.

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Peer Abuse Know More: Bullying From A Psychological Perspective:

by Elizabeth Bennett

Peer Abuse Know More! Bullying From A Psychological Perspective takes the problem of bullying to a whole other dimension. As bullying has been a problem since the beginning of time, it has been only recently that society has started to learn about the dangers of it in the schools and the workplace.

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Bullying:Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing & Responding to Cberybullying

by Sameer Hinduja, PhD & Justin W. Patchin, PhD

Cyberbullying is the intentional and repeated act of causing harm to others through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. The authors help educators understand the potential consequences of this deliberate behavior and present strategies for effective identification, prevention, and response.

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Life Strategies For Dealing With Bullies

by Jay McGraw

In Jay McGraw's Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies, McGraw helps kids identify potentially harmful situations and deal with bullies through tips, techniques, and examples that apply to real-life situations. Jay doesn't just speak about the bullies -- he also speaks to the bullies themselves to help them change their ways.

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