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We joined to help our students overcome the threats of the internet, particularly cyber bullying which is disruptive to their education. We like the security and wholesome content the Network provides and encourage other schools to offer iLAND5 to their student body.

Alan Rosier
Wakulla County School Board
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For Parents who want to say YES to iLAND5 and NO to Internet Surfing.

Download our i5 browser using a reliable cable or broadband connection, and have Peace of Mind that your children can only access the Safe and Age Appropriate web experience of iLAND5

  • Our iLAND5 Web sites don’t contain outbound links.
  • Our i5 browser does not allow web surfing.

The i5 standalone browser must be installed in the following 2 steps:

  1. Click here to install the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player.. Before you use the i5 Browser, PLEASE install the latest version of Adobe's Flash Player.
  2. Click here to download the standalone i5 browser. This will download an installable internet browser that will only allow kids to access iLAND5.

You can also find these instructions at!