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We joined to help our students overcome the threats of the internet, particularly cyber bullying which is disruptive to their education. We like the security and wholesome content the Network provides and encourage other schools to offer iLAND5 to their student body.

Alan Rosier
Wakulla County School Board
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Zero Tolerance Policy PDF Print E-mail

To foster and maintain an Internet environment for students free from harassment, online bullying, inappropriate content, and other actions that is deemed harmful or unsuitable to students.


SafeWave prohibits users from allowing others to utilize their accounts. Users who divulge passwords and/or security questions with others for the use of gaining unauthorized access to the network will have their accounts immediately revoked.This Policy is intended to achieve the following:

  • Eliminate the chance for an adult predator to interface with children via the network.
  • Promote strict adherence to our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Secure the safety and privacy of all members.
  • Encourage the safe and ethical use of Internet resources.

Any employee, client, partner, member or outside party who violates this policy, is subject to penalties and to civil or criminal prosecution as appropriate.


Any employee, user, or partner who experiences or witnesses a violation of this policy is directed to immediately report the situation to members’ safety is the highest priority of SafeWave. When employees, supervisors, forum moderators or users are made aware of a violation of this policy, the Safety Department of SafeWave should be contacted immediately.


Zero-tolerance policies typically result in immediate suspension, or possibly the termination, of the account of the user who in violation of the policy. Termination of any account due to a violation of this policy can be appealed directly to the board of SafeWave.

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