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A great site is the SafeWave site that is designed for children and is set up for children to interact without predator and peer abuse problems and keeps children safe. The most important thing is keeping children safe when using the internet.

Elizabeth Bennett
Author and Internet Safety Advocate
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Acceptable Use Policy PDF Print E-mail

The SafeWave's Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") is to prevent unauthorized access and other unlawful activities by users online, prevent unauthorized disclosure of or access to sensitive information, and to comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act ("CIPA"). As used in this policy, "user" includes anyone using the computers, Internet, email, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications or equipment provided by the SafeWave family of websites (hereafter referred to as the "network.").

Only registered users or employees of SafeWave are authorized to use the network.

SafeWave will use technology protection measures to filter, to the extent practicable, access of audio/visual depictions and written communications that are obscene, pornographic, threatening, and/or harmful to minors over the network. SafeWave reserves the right to monitor users' network activities and to access, review, copy, and store or delete any electronic communication or files and disclose them to others as it deems necessary. Users should have no expectation of privacy regarding their use while on the SafeWave property, network and/or files, including communications. Users personal email accounts not provided by SafeWave are excluded from this statement and will not be monitored or infringed upon by any SafeWave employee or contracted employees of SafeWave.

Acceptable Uses of the SafeWave Network of sites

Schools will verify each child using the network and have a SafeWave Parent/Student contract signed by the parent/guardian of the child acknowledging this policy. Children who are 18 years of age or younger must have their parents or guardians sign this contract page and schools must keep it on file. Once signed that contract remains in effect until revoked by the parent, school or the student loses the privilege of using SafeWave network of web sites due to violation of this policy or is no longer a student or reaches their 19th birthday. Employees and other users are required to follow this policy. All users must follow this policy, see AUP Student Agreement below, and report any misuse of the network to a teacher, school official or appropriate SafeWave personnel.

By using the network, users have agreed to this policy.

If a user is uncertain about whether a particular use is acceptable or appropriate, he or she should consult the appropriate SafeWave personnel. Unacceptable Uses of the SafeWave Network: Inappropriate activity on SafeWave family of web sites.

SafeWave reserves the right to take immediate action regarding activities:
  • That create security and/or safety issues for SafeWave, users, employees, schools, network or computer resources
  • That expend SafeWave resources on content SafeWave in its sole discretion determines lacks legitimate content/purpose
  • Other activities as determined by SafeWave as inappropriate.
Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:
  • Promoting the use or distribution of, alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs; or any other substance deemed harmful.
  • Promoting gang activity or any other criminal activity;
  • Sexual harassment of another member;
  • Bullying or other harassing behaviors.
Violating any state or federal law or municipal ordinance, such as:
  • Accessing or transmitting pornography of any kind
  • Obscene depictions
  • Harmful materials
  • Materials that encourage others to violate the law
  • Confidential information
  • Copyrighted materials.
  • Criminal activities that can be punished under law
  • Selling or purchasing illegal items or substances
  • Obtaining and/or using anonymous email sites; spamming; spreading viruses
Causing harm to others or damage to their property, such as:
  • Using profane, abusive, or impolite language; threatening, harassing, or making damaging or false statements about others or accessing, transmitting, or downloading offensive, harassing, or disparaging materials
  • Deleting, copying, modifying, or forging other users' names, emails, files, or data; disguising one's identity
  • Impersonating other users, or sending anonymous email
  • Damaging computer equipment, files, data or the network in any way, including intentionally accessing, transmitting or downloading computer viruses or other harmful files or programs
  • Disrupting any computer system performance
  • Using any SafeWave computer or network resource to pursue "hacking or cracking," internal or external to SafeWave
  • Attempting to access information protected by privacy laws
  • Accessing, transmitting or downloading inappropriate files, including "chain letters" or any type of "pyramid schemes"
  • Engaging in uses that jeopardize access or lead to unauthorized access into others' accounts or other
Computer networks, such as:
  • Using another's account password(s) or identifier(s)
  • Interfering with other users' ability to access their account(s)
  • Disclosing your own or anyone's password to others or allowing them to use another's account(s)
  • Falsifying registration documentation

SafeWave makes no guarantees about the quality of the services provided and is not responsible for any claims, losses, damages, costs, or other obligations arising from use of the network or accounts. Any and all additional charges a user accrues due to the use of SafeWave network are to be borne by the user. SafeWave also denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through user access. Any statement, accessible on the computer network or the Internet, is understood to be the author's individual point of view and not that of SafeWave, its affiliates, or employees.

AUP Student Agreement

By registering for and thoroughly reading this policy, I agree to abide by the SafeWave Acceptable Use Policy and understand the Zero Tolerance Policy that discourages improper online behavior while using any resources on the network or any other SafeWave website. The acceptable use of these sites includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Use of, or any SafeWave site, is a privilege not a right. If I abuse that privilege I expect to lose it.
  • I will use, or any SafeWave site, for their intended purposes only. Misuse of these sites may result in having my account taken away.
  • I will use the, or any SafeWave site, politely and with respect for other people and respect for the hardware and software I am using at all times.
  • I will never give out my full name, my home address or telephone number, or my school name, address or telephone number, to anyone else online without my parent or guardian's permission
  • I will not hide things that I am doing online from my parents or guardians
  • If I have a technical problem with, or any SafeWave site, I will report it in a timely manner
  • I understand that I am not responsible for what other people say and do on the internet. Therefore if someone else online says or does something offensive or disturbing, or if I see images on a website that make me feel upset or disturbed in any way, I will tell my parents or guardians. If my parents feel it is necessary, they will contact the appropriate SafeWave™ employees. I will not respond to any messages that make me feel upset, angry or scared.
  • I will not participate in any unacceptable use of, or any SafeWave site.

Unacceptable use of the internet at school includes using, or any SafeWave site, to:

  • Commit crimes
  • Bully, harass or stalk others
  • Commit copyright violations, such as illegal copying of music files, movies, pictures or software
  • Transmit obscene, hateful or threatening communications
  • Communicate or publish inaccurate, defamatory or racially offensive materials
  • Invade someone else's private computer files or read their email
  • Impersonate others online
  • Provide others with my password and/or security responses so that they may access, or any SafeWave site, pretending to be me
  • Promote gang activity on, or any SafeWave site
  • Upload any viruses, worms, or other malware
  • By-pass any restrictions on access to, or any SafeWave site
  • Transmit via email any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, "junk mail", "spam", "chain letters", "pyramid schemes", or any other form of email solicitation
  • Promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities, promote physical harm or injury against any group or individual, or promote any act of cruelty to animals. This may include, but is not limited to, providing instructions on how to assemble bombs and other weapons, where to obtain bombs or other weapons
  • View and/or download or upload pornographic pictures or stories
  • Send in someone else's email address or username to any website collecting other people's email addresses for any purpose whatsoever
  • Attack other people's internet connections, websites or computers, or damage or deface anyone else's website
  • I understand that my parents could be held financially liable for any damage I cause to computers at school, for any harm I cause to other people as a result of malice, recklessness or negligence on my part, or for any harm caused to others by any violation of this acceptable use policy.
  • I understand that if I utilize, or any SafeWave site, for any illegal activities, SafeWave will turn over any documents requested by the appropriate legal authorities to be marked as evidence
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