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I support SafeWave™ and their program supporting safety for children online.

Jim Frishe
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Group Moderator Information PDF Print E-mail group moderators should always be familiar with the specific rules and regulations of their group/board/club. These are some general guidelines and specific directives for good moderation.


  1. New Members:
    Begin by greeting new members as they post questions. Participate in the conversations that are taking place on the board, and, if necessary, prepare a topic to keep conversation flowing smoothly. Reach out to other moderators, members, staff, etc. if necessary to help fuel the discussion.
  2. Editing messages - Edit a message when:
    • Contains profanity
    • Contains off-topic content
    • Violates the board rules in some other way (contains advertising, etc.)
    In general, it is preferable to edit a message rather than delete it entirely.
  3. Deleting a topic or message - Delete a topic or message when it is:
    • In violation of the acceptable use policy (AUP)
    • Unacceptable behavior (as determined by the tone of the community; e.g., profanity)
    • Completely off-topic discussion
    • No part of the topic/message is salvageable by editing
    • Illegal/defamatory statements
    Basically, whenever there is no value to the community that demands leaving the topic/message in place. It is good practice to e-mail the topic initiator to explain why it was deleted, unless the reason is totally obvious.
  4. Off topic discussions : Move off topic discussions to the appropriate place. When you move a topic, you have the choice to either leave a copy of the thread in the original forum, or completely move it to the new forum location. It is usually a good idea to leave a copy pointing to the new location so those returning can find it.
  5. Reporting a member - Immediately report a member to \n Safety Department at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it when there is:
    • Repeated violations of the stated board rules or forum rules
    • Offensive behavior (e.g., posting offensive material, harassing other members)
    • Attempts at hacking or destroying the forum
    • Repeated attempts to circumvent moderation or banning
    • Violation of the acceptable use policy (AUP)
    As reporting a member for such actions can result in a suspension or expulsion from the iLAND5 network, please be as specific as possible when reporting these actions. Failure to report such actions can result in the moderator losing his or her status. staff will decide whether or not to suspend or revoke the account of a moderator who fails to report these actions in a timely manner. Normally, members are given a warning prior to disciplinary action, since that is a fairly serious step. The level of discipline will correspond to the seriousness of the offense.
  6. Closing a topic - Close a topic when:
    • The discussion is heading off-topic, but does not merit deletion
    • The initial message and replies contain valuable information, but further discussion is not desired
    • The thread is becoming too lengthy


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