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We see a partnership between the University of Tampa and the SafeWave™ project ( and to be mutually beneficial and rewarding on many levels. Read More!

Tom Garrett
Assistant Professor, University of Tampa
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SafeWave Initiative PDF Print E-mail Inc.- A Non- Profit Florida Corporation

Are you tired of seeing countless stories where children were harassed, bullied, propositioned, and exploited while using social aspects of  the Internet, In January of 2007 our founder’s wife turned to her husband ( grandfather and businessman which includes a web development company) and asked a simple question, “How can we do something about children's safety who are drawn to on My Space, FaceBook & You Tube?”

In the summer of 2007, SafeWave was founded along with a strong development team with the intent of building a secure online network for kids only, named

This iLAND5 network would become the only place where kids (students) can safely use the Internet to connect with other kids in their own age groups (locally, nationally & globally) and parents can feel confident that their children will not be subjected to adults posing as children. Children who want to register with the site would have to sign contracts with their parents and go through their schools to make sure that their identity was verified before they are granted access to the network. By focusing on security and identity, iLAND5 would answer that question of, “What can you do about this?”

SafeWave is about Community Involvement and Free Use, the community being parents, family members, teachers, school administrators, law enforcement and all persons that share our mission. We will solicit, and always welcome, intellectual contributions made on behalf of educating and protecting our children while enjoying the many benefits of our SafeWave family.


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