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We see a partnership between the University of Tampa and the SafeWave™ project ( and to be mutually beneficial and rewarding on many levels. Read More!

Tom Garrett
Assistant Professor, University of Tampa
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The FREE Solution to Internet Safety for Kids

The only FREE & SECURE internet safe haven for children aged 5-18 enriched with education, games and social interactions all in an age appropriate web site.

Go to for more information.

iLAND5™ offers a global answer to a child safety pandemic. Our secure process has no geographic boundaries; we welcome the opportunity to provide our solution worldwide.

Child-oriented Web site aims to thwart sexual predators. Click the image above to view the story & video.

Why Is It Safe and Secure?

  • iLAND5™ users are verified children by their school, PTA or other structured organization
  • Network collaboration is between approved friends; there are NO extended relationships like on MySpace and Facebook
  • Personal information is NOT displayed
  • A Five (5) Website network limits communication between extreme age differences
  • iLAND5™ monitors profanity, uploads and communication

Children from schools in 11 states have registered on the iLAND5™ network display our Free posters and flyers that encourage students to register for SafeWave™ has also been approved for a trial school program in Ireland.

iLAND5™ can provide a safer internet experience for your child anywhere in the world.

Offer your student or child an opportunity to socialize safely online! Help us start protecting kids today! Children’s Internet safety is our mission and our site contains valuable and daily updated information, you can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter or please Contact Us for more information.

The SafeWave™ Solution

Contact Us and see how easily you can Activate your child’s iLAND5™ account!

Your Important Role

Provide less than 1 minute per child to verify their identity.

How To Get Started

We understand the urgency to keep our kids safe while on the internet, so the single most important action a parent can take today is register your child on iLAND5™.

Schools, PTA, Other Child Advocate Organizations
Internet safety of children and their SAFE education environment should be of paramount importance to schools and child advocacy groups, so the single most important action you can take today is register your school or organization on iLAND5™. PTA’s check out our new Getting Started Kit we created with the local PTA in Pinellas, Florida.


iLAND5™ gives today's children a FREE, safe internet experience where they can have fun, make friends, and engage in educationally sound activities. All content has been developed by educators and has both direct and indirect educational value. iLAND5™ uses a simple and unique registration process which provides for parental permission.

Educators please register your school to allow parents and students the opportunity to choose and reach an internet safe haven, iLAND5™.

There are no hidden costs associated with your participation.